New Book Titles – Looking For Reviewers

905ce1279b7a732cf8edf321d1d33ddbWe are looking for authors to review the following titles.  If you are interested, please contact our review editor Timothy Snediker at

Critical Race Theory

Ackers, Helen Louise and James Ackers-Johnson. Mobile Professional Voluntarism and International Development: Killing Me Softly? New York, NY: Palgrave Pivot, 2017. 173 pages. ISBN-10: 1137558326.

McElligot, Anthony (Editor), Jeffrey Herf (Editor). Antisemitism Before and Since the Holocaust: Altered Contexts and Recent Perspectives, 1st ed. London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2017. 390 pages. ISBN-13: 978-3319488653.

World Religions

Boyett, Jason. 12 Major World Religions: The Beliefs, Rituals, and Traditions of Humanity’s Most Influential Faiths. Berkeley, CA: Zephyros Press, 2016. 302 pages. ISBN-10: 1623156920.

Colvin, Howard. History of Religion: Complete Guide to World Religions and Religion in America, Including the History of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Atheism, Mythology, Buddhism, Hinduism, and More. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2017. 124 pages. ISBN-10: 1544272464.

Ryrie, Alec. Protestants: The Faith That Made the Modern World. New York, NY: Viking Books, 2017. 528 pages. ISBN-10: 0670026166.

New Religions

DeConick, April D. The Gnostic New Age: How a Countercultural Spirituality Revolutionized Religion from Antiquity to Today. New York, NY: Columbia University Press, 2016. 392 pages. ISBN-10: 0231170769.

Religion in America

FitzGerald, Frances. The Evangelicals: The Struggle to Shape America. New York, NY: Simon & Schuster, 2017. 752 pages. ISBN-10: 1439131333.

Psychology of Religion

Dimitrova, Stefania. The Day of Brahma: The Myths of India—The Epics of Human Destiny (Psychology of Mythology). Amazon Digital Services LLC, 2017. ASIN: B06XQPRJP4.

Watts, Fraser. Psychology, Religion, and Spirituality: Concepts and Applications. UK: Cambridge University Press, 2017. 234 pages. ISBN 978-1-107-04444-9.

Wilber, Ken. The Religion of Tomorrow: A Vision for the Future of the Great Traditions—More Inclusive, More Comprehensive, More Complete. Boulder, CO: Shambhala Publications, 2017. 816 pages. ISBN-10: 1611803004.

Philosophy of Religion

Caird, John. Philosophy of Religion. Sai ePublications, 2017. ISBN-13: 978-1-54427-113-2.

Yandell, Keith E. Philosophy of Religion: A Contemporary Introduction, 2nd Ed. UK: Routledge Company, 2016. 341 pages. ISBN-13: 978-0415963695.

Sexuality and Religion

Boisvert, Donald L. (Editor), and Carly Daniel-Hughes (Editor). The Bloomsbury Reader in Religion, Sexuality, and Gender. UK: Bloomsbury Academic Press, 2017. 288 pages. ISBN-10: 1474237789.

Feminist Theory

Hollywood, Amy. Acute Melancholia and Other Essays: Mysticism, History, and the Study of Religion (Gender, Theory, and Religion). UK: Columbia University Press, 2016. 416 pages. ISBN-10: 0231156448.

Media Theory and Religion

Rendueles, Cesar. Sociophobia: Political Change in the Digital Utopia (Insurrections: Critical Studies in Religion, Politics, and Culture). UK: Columbia University Press, 2017. 200 pages. ISBN-10: 0231175272.

Religion and Economics

Brown, Clair. Buddhist Economics: An Enlightened Approach to the Dismal Science. UK: Bloomsbury Press, 2017. 224 pages. ISBN-10: 1632863669.

Rubin, Jared. Rulers, Religion, and Riches: Why the West Got Rich and the Middle East Did Not. UK: Cambridge University Press, 2017. 296 pages. ISBN-10: 1108400051.

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