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The Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory (JCRT) is a peer-reviewed journal devoted to both disciplinary and interdisciplinary scholarship of a cutting-edge nature that deals broadly with the phenomenon of religious and cultural theory.  Subfields include, but are not limited to, philosophical and cultural theory, theological studies, postcolonial and globalization theory, religious studies, literary theory, cultural studies, ethnic, area, and gender studies, communications, semiotics, and linguistics. 

The JCRT is free of charge, and is published three times a year (Winter, Spring and Fall).

Current institutional sponsors are the University of Denver, University of Central Arkansas, and York College of Pennsylvania. For more information about institutional sponsorship, contact the Senior Editor Carl Raschke at

The Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory no longer reviews blind submissions.  If you have an article you would like to consider for publication, you need to submit a 500-word abstract of the article along with a curriculum vitae.  

All articles must rigorously fit the mission of the JCRT (See Submissions Policy below).  No term papers, religious advocacy pieces, unsolicited book reviews or opinion pieces, etc. will be considered.   If you are interested in reviewing a book, first contact David Hale, the journal’s review editor.

Any redistribution or archiving of materials published in this journal is strictly prohibited. Copyright for individual contributions are held by the author(s). Rights and permission to reproduce must be obtained by the author(s) and must acknowledge original publication in this journal.

The journal is listed in various databases.

 Submissions and Publication Policy 

Articles may be of any length.   Please submit documents in MS Word format. Authors should include a brief (3-4 line) biography, contact information, and endnote citations in Documentation One (Chicago Manual of Style) format.

The JCRT invites proposals for book reviews.   If you are interested in reviewing a book, please see our guidelines below under “Book Reviews and Review Copies” as well as the following links:                                                                           

JCRT will not review books that are over a year old.

The journal is listed in various databases, including the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), EBSCO, and the Serials Solutions e-journal AMS database.

All manuscripts submitted, or revised, for publication must be in Microsoft Word format.  The Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory uses the Chicago Manual of Style for all published reviews and articles. The basic elements of the CMoS can be found at  

All notes must be footnotes.  Citations should follow CMS.  Bibliographies or lists of references should not be used unless absolutely necessary. Citations in footnoting should be written so as to be sufficient.

All articles or reviews must have the title, first and last name of the author, and institutional affiliation at the top of the article - flush left.

Do not in the body of the text give acknowledgements. Do so in a footnote.

All paragraphs must have a blank space between them and start flush left without indentation. Paragraph numeration is no longer necessary for the JCRT.

Once the article is accepted for publication, it is the author's responsibility to resubmit the review or article using the standard journal style within twenty days after notification of acceptance. . At that time the author must also submit a brief biographical sketch of themselves two or three sentences in length.

Book Reviews and Review Copies

Publishers or authors who would like us to review their books should send copies to the following address:  Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory | Attn: Carl Raschke |  Department of Religious Studies |  Sturm Hall 266 | University of Denver | Denver CO 80208.

We only review what are clearly academic books in the humanities.  We do not review personal biographies, testimonies, self-help, or religious advocacy or apologetics kinds of publications.  

In addition, we will only review those books we believe fit the mission of the journal and for which we can find qualified reviewers.  All reviews are now published on our blog at   Normally, we ask reviewers ask to submit articles of 1000-3000 words within 10 weeks of submitting the book.  Reviews are then published immediately.

To correspond with our review section, please email us at  

© Copyright 1999-2017. Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory. e-ISSN: 1530-5228

© Copyright 1999-2017  Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory. e-ISSN: 1530-5228