Issue 19.1 Winter 2019-20


Lissa McCullough, Special Issue Editor

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Photo by Alina N. Feld 

Author Bios

Critical Essays


Altizer’s Theology in Context

Carl A. Raschke, University of Denver 

The Yes of Nietzsche and Hegel in Altizer

Andrew W. Hass, University of Sterling 

Altizer and Deleuze: Material Metaphysics for Disastrous Times

Petra Carlsson Redell, Stockholm School of Theology 

Altizer and Derrida: Apocalyptic Spectralities

Victor E. Taylor, York College of Pennsylvania 

Apotheosis of the Nothing in Altizer’s Kenotic Atheology

Elliot R. Wolfson, University of California at Santa Barbara 

Kenotic Theology, Buddhism, and Time

Brian Shūdō Shroeder, Rochester Institute of Technology

Altizer’s Apocalyptic Jesus

Theodore W. Jennings, Chicago Theological Seminary

Altizer and Incarnation

Michael James Dise, Free University of Amsterdam 

Altizer and the Christian Epic Tradition

William Franke, Vanderbilt University 

Apocalypticism as Political Theology

Lissa McCullough, California State University at Dominguez Hills

Thinking the Absolute Edge between Altizer and Leahy

Alina N. Feld, Hofstra University 

Divine Revelation in the Literal Expression

George Quasha, Barrytown, New York


Personal-Historical Reflections


Thomas Altizer, My Theological Contemporary

John B. Cobb, Jr., Claremont School of Theology 

On Becoming a Radical Theologian

Richard L. Rubenstein, University of Bridgeport

Afterthinking Altizer: Redemption and the Divine Recusal

Ray L. Hart, Boston University 

Altizer: Presence in Absence

Edward S. Casey, Stony Brook University