Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory

A Whitestone Publication

Issue 19.2   Spring 2020



Author Bios


Fetishism and the Erasure of Indigeneity


Roger Green, Metropolitan State University


The Curious Whiteheadian Proclivity in Scheler’s Account of God and Persons


J. Edward Hackett, Savannah State University


Horror Fiction and Catholic Theology – A Rhetoric Synthesis


Gavin Hurley, University of Providence


The “New Hegel” and the Question of God


Gavin Hyman, University of Lancaster


The Hollow Christians of End Times Fiction


Paul Maltby, West Chester University


The Irreducible


Jean-Luc Marion, University of Chicago


“The Reluctant Fundamentalist” and the Inhospitable State – Abrahamic Hospitality and the Limits of Multiculturalism


Emily McAvan, Murdoch University


Reframing the Adwa Victory as a Decolonizing Praxis – Discourse Around Colonization in the Ethiopian Context


Rode Molla, University of Denver/Iliff School of Theology


Lacan and Pneumatology


Mark Murphy, Saint Mary’s University


To Not Lose Sight of the Good – Notes on the Zapatismo Ethic


Matt Rosen, Colorado College


Religious Studies – The Final Colonization of the American Indian


Tink Tinker, wazhazhe/Osage Nation, Iliff School of Theology