Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory

A Whitestone Publication

Issue 20.1   Winter 2020-21



Author Bios


Revolutionary Love: Kierkegaard’s Gift Economy as a Religious Corrective to the Leveling of the Public Sphere


Andrew Ball, Harvard University


Bushwhacking Derrida: “Perception”, Context of Context, “The Hunter and the Hunted”


Gary Bedford


Sexual Difference and the Vatican: A Lacanian Response


Melissa Conroy, Muskingum University


Longing for an Impossible Past: Différance, Distance, and the Coronavirus as Inauguration of an Age of Writing


Jared Lacey, University of Denver


Modern Theology and the Dialectic of God


Kelly Maeshiro, Union Theological Seminary


The Ultimate and the Penultimate: Bonhoeffer’s Twofold Contextualism and Adjudicating Between Ethical Claims


W. Travis McMaken, Lindenwood Uniiversity


TsimTsum in Life of Pi


Daniel Reiser, Herzog College


The Religious Significance of Miracles: Why Hume’s Critique of Miracles is Superfluous


Alberto Urquidez, Bowdoin College


Naming the Darkness”, Spiritual Violence, and Radical Incompleteness: Resituating a Political Theology


James E. Willis III, University of Indiapolis