Religious Theory 


A Whitestone Publication

Religious Theory is the electronic supplement for The Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory.  Religious Theory has been online since early 2016.  The journal itself has been publishing since 1999.

Religious Theory publishes interviews, and commentary as well as academic articles that do not fit any upcoming thematic issue.  All articles submitted are peer-reviewed in two stages.   Initial publication in the electronic supplement is peer-reviewed by a member of our editorial board, consisting of tenured or tenure-track professionals in the field.  Selected articles published in Religious Theory will be published later as PDF-formatted, library-catalogued editions of the Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory with appropriate volume numbers.  Articles selected for JCRT publication will undergo a secondary peer review process.

Neither Religious Theory nor JCRT  publishes what are in effect term papers or portions of theses or dissertations, religious advocacy or apologetical pieces, sermons, letters, curricular or pedagogical materials, etc. We reserve the right to decline to publish anything for reasons that we are not obliged to specify.  If in doubt, please consult our mission statement below:

The Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory is a peer-reviewed journal devoted to both disciplinary and interdisciplinary scholarship of a cutting-edge nature that deals broadly with the phenomenon of religious and cultural theory.

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