Review – Neoliberalsm Is Nowhere – Wendy Brown’s Undoing the Demos (Isaiah Dylan Ellis)

Brown, Wendy. Undoing the Demos: Neoliberalism’s Stealth Revolution. New York: Zone Books, 2015. ISBN-10: 1935408534. Hardcover. 296 pages.  Almost every day since Election Day, 2016, a flood of think-pieces, editorials, and election post-mortems have sung a cacophonous and angry dirge. They scold an inept, divided left, and fume at the masculinist, authoritarian right now empowered and validated. American […]


Review – Badiou Is Not Afraid of The Dark (Mason Davis)

Badiou, Alain. Black: The Brilliance of a Non-Color. Translated by Susan Spitzer. New Jersey: Polity, 2016. ISBN-10: 1509512071. Hardcover, paperback, e-book. 80 pages.  Claire Colebrook calls Alain Badiou’s newest book Black: The Brilliance Of A Non-Color, a “singular and remarkable book.” My initial reaction was similar, though I have always been impressed by Badiou’s eloquence and prose. […]


Review – François Laruelle’s General Theory of Victims (John Matthew Allison)

Laruelle, François. General Theory of Victims. Translated by Jessie Hock and Alex Dubilet. Malden, MA: Polity Press, 2015. ISBN-10: 0745679617. Hardcover, paperback, e-book. 161 Pages. There is a kind of “non-philosophical” eruption happening in so-called Continental philosophy. After a prodigious output for over three decades, François Laruelle is finally now garnering attention in Anglophone scholarship. Indeed, […]

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Review – Eugene Thacker’s “Cosmic Pessimism” (N.N. Trakakis)

 Thacker, Eugene. Cosmic Pessimism. Minneapolis: Univocal Publishing, 2015. ISBN-10: 193756147X. E-book, paperback. 55 pages. It might be worth quoting from the beginning of this pocket-sized, 69-page book to give a sense of its style and subject: We’re doomed. Pessimism is the night-side of thought, a melodrama of the futility of the brain, a poetry written in the […]


Review – Whence and Whither Posthumanism? (Bo Eberle)

White, Ryan. The Hidden God: Pragmatism and Posthumanism in American Thought. New York: Columbia University Press, 2015. ISBN-10: 0231171005. Hardcover, e-book. 248 pages.  Ryan White’s The Hidden God: Pragmatism and Posthumanism in American Thought (Columbia University Press, 2015) sets for itself a rather Herculean task of coherently discussing perhaps the sole concept that is unavailable for conceptual analysis: […]


Review – Aaron Hughes’ ‘Islam and the Tyranny of Authenticity’ (Daniel Tutt)

Hughes, Aaron. Islam and the Tyranny of Authenticity: An Inquiry into Disciplinary Apologetics and Self-Deception. London: Equinox Publishing, 2016. ISBN-10: 1781792178. Hardcover, paperback. 256 pages.  Introduction: It has never been exactly clear what apologetic scholarship achieves. Are apologetic scholars reinforcing a certain status quo that lies outside of academe, one that is located in the particular […]