Political Theology

Economic Theology And The Indebtedness Of Everyday Life (Philip Goodchild And Devin Singh)

The following is the transcript of “Critical Conversations” No. 9, an ongoing series of Zoom seminars conducted by Whitestone Publications with distinguished international academics. This seminar on economics, theology, debt, and the religious origins of the modern economy was held on May 18, 2021. While the ancient world offered various forms of large-scales debt forgiveness, […]


Review – Genealogies Of Mahayana Buddhism (Ananda Abeysekara)

Joseph Walser, Genealogies of Mahāyāna Buddhism: Emptiness, Power, and the Question of Origin. Oxford and New York: Routledge, 2018. 288 pages. IBSN: 978-1-13-895556-1. . Since Talal Asad’s landmark work Genealogies of Religion, some scholars in the humanities have slowly begun to consider the relation between power and religion. But the same cannot be said about […]


From The Gift Of Mortality To The Name Of God (Jakob Helmut Deibl)

The following is a continuation of a series of articles corresponding to chapters of the book Preis der Sterblichkeit: Christentum und Neuer Humanismus (Freiburg im Bresgau: Verlag Herder, 2015), edited by Kurt Appel, translated by Rachel Thomas.  English editor, Carl Raschke.  This volume of essays represents one of the major works in the new Catholic “cultural humanism” from […]