Philosophical Theology

“Scale Relative Ontology” And Simone Weil’s Spiritual Philosophy, Part 2 (N.E. Boulting

The following is the second of a two-part series. The first can be found here. Simone Weil’s Rejection of “The New Science” Two not unrelated factors result in her rejection of ‘the New Science’ besides her opposition to Planck’s stance on Quantum Theory. The first is her emphasis upon Plato’s ontology rather than Plato’s epistemology. […]


The Curious Whiteheadian Proclivity In Scheler’s Account Of God And Persons, Part 1 (J. Edward Hackett)

The following is published in two parts. Phenomenological Intuition and the Personal Sphere Before explicating the underlying structure of Scheler’s panentheism, I wanted to take some time and explain what Scheler’s phenomenological method entails and how this phenomenological commitment, though never abandoned in spirit, opened up his initial efforts to characterize religious acts and religious […]

Performance Studies Theology

Review – Performance Apophatics (John Matthew Allison)

Claire Maria Chambers. Performance Studies and Negative Epistemology: Performance Apophatics. Palgrave Macmillan, 2017. Hardback. 301 pages. Performance Studies and Negative Epistemology: Performance Apophatics (hereafter Performance Studies) is a book about the limits of knowledge. Drawing upon a variety of fields – including performance studies, Christian negative theology, and assorted schools of Continental philosophy – Claire […]

Philosophy of Religion Theology

The Dangers Of Dealing With Derrida – Revisiting the Caputo-Hägglund Debate On The “Religious” Reading Of Deconstruction, Part 3 (Neal DeRoo)

The following is the third installment of a three-part series.  The first one can be found here, the second here.  Revisiting Another Debate But one could embrace another prevalence for deconstruction, what we have here been calling the ‘extra-logical’ factors of deconstruction, its contextualizations, its context. It is precisely this claim that Caputo puts forward—not that the […]

Metaphysics Philosophy

The One Is Not – On the Fate Of Unity in Post-Metaphysical Philosophy (Jussi Backman)

A Turkish translation of a version of this essay has been published as “Bir, bir şey değildir: post-metafizik düşüncede birlik ve çokluğun akıbeti,” trans. Mustafa Yalçınkaya, Sabah Ülkesi: Üç aylık kültür-sanat ve felsefe dergisi, no. 51, Nisan 2017, 16–19. Available online at, retrieved 27 April 2017. The themes of this essay are discussed in […]