Political Theology

Economic Theology And The Indebtedness Of Everyday Life (Philip Goodchild And Devin Singh)

The following is the transcript of “Critical Conversations” No. 9, an ongoing series of Zoom seminars conducted by Whitestone Publications with distinguished international academics. This seminar on economics, theology, debt, and the religious origins of the modern economy was held on May 18, 2021. While the ancient world offered various forms of large-scales debt forgiveness, […]


Review – What is Real? (Filippo Pietrogrande)

Giorgio Agamben. What is Real? Trans. Lorenzo Chiesa. Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2018. 88 pages. ISBN: 978-1-5036-0737-8 Every mysterious disappearance assumes mythical tones, the subsequent fate of the missing person remaining indefinitely suspended when concrete and sufficient information is lacking: perhaps a second life somewhere far away, under an identity as new as false, as […]