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A Conference on the Intersection of Psychoanalysis with the Humanities



The conference will explore new and effective ways in which the theoretical discourses of the humanities converge with the clinical and social praxis of psychoanalysis at a time of global economic stress and political unrest.  Format will consist of an ongoing productive conversation between academics and clinicians.

  • How do we unlock the unconscious as a strategy of emancipation that not only unmasks the encrypted master discourse of global capital and its distorted subjectivities, but also shapes anew an empowered political praxis as well as restored bonds of community solidarity, which capitalism has eroded?
  • What role does psychoanalysis play in these new forms of critical theorizing as well as community-based and polis-building types of praxis?
  • How are to understand the function of religion within the order of symbolization as well as the structures of dominance in such a manner that psychoanalysis, historically excluded from both theoretical and professional discourses, can be accorded a new significance?
  • How can the clinical community work more effectively with critical theorists?

The conference is designed so that both presenters and participants can interact with each other over the three day period.  Registration is $100.  Students with ID are $60.  The student discount DOES NOT apply to conference presenters, who are expected to pay the full registration.



Conference participants can get a discounted rate  for overnight stays at one of a number of participating hotels that have a partnership with the University of Denver.  To obtain a list of these hotels with booking information, please go to the University of Denver accomodations website athttp://www.du.edu/commencement/forguests/hotels.html.  When you make your reservation, simply ask for the University of Denver rate or, if booking online, enter the corporate code provided at this site by the participating hotel.  Unfortunately, there is only one hotel that is in walking distance of the university.  It is the La Quinta Inn Cherry Creek (1975 S. Colorado Blvd.), which is not a partner in the university’s discounted rates.  You can find their website athttp://www.laquintadenvercherrycreek.com/?cid=local_google_518.



Keynote Speakers:

gabriel-lombardiGabriel Lombardi is chair and associate professor of the Adults Clinic, College of Psychology, University of Buenos Aires since 1991 and director of research projects since 1995.  He is the author of many books, including La Clínica Del Psicoanálisis [“The Clinic of Psychoanalysis”] (Atuel, 2000) in three volumes, Clínica y Lógica de la Autorreferencia [“The Clinic and Logic of Self-Reference”] (Letra Viva, 2008), La Libertad en Psicoanálisis [“Freedom in Psychoanalysis”] (Paidós, 2015), and El Sujeto del Deseo [“The Subject of Desire” (Letra Viva, 2015).  He is also the author of more than 300 scientific publications.

antonio-quinetAntonio Quinet, M.D., is a psychoanalyst with a Ph.D. in philosophy.  He is also a playwright and theater director currently residing in Brazil.  He is a founding member of the international School of Psychoanalysis of the Forums of the Lacanian Field. His analytical formation was in Lacan’s School in Paris during the 80’s, where he finished his doctorate in philosophy with Alain Badiou and was assistant professor in the Psychoanalysis Department at the University of Paris.  He practices psychoanalysis and teaches in the PhD program at Veiga de Almeida University, Rio de Janeiro, where he is Professor of Psychoanalysis, Health and Society and is in charge of the research project “Theatre and Psychoanalysis”, and acts as director of the Unconscious on Stage Co. He is the author of eight books about psychoanalysis published in Brazil (two translated into French, two to Spanish, and one coming soon in English).

Friday, October 21

2:30 pm


2:45 pm

Welcome and Opening Statements

3:15 pm

Session 1 

Convener: Sandra Dixon (University of Denver)

Joshua Lawrence (University of Denver), “Interstitial Testimony: The Trauma of Bearing Witness”

Macario Giraldo (Washington DC Psychoanalytic Forum)

Jeff Appel (University of Denver), “Hanging Garlands of Flowers on the Chains That Bind: Technological Rationality, ‘Soft Totalitarianism’, and the Possibility of Emancipatory Praxis”

Barbara Shuman (Colorado Psychoanalytic Forum), “Reclaiming the Unconscious Abstract: Could There Be An Un-Conscious Without An-Other?”

5:15 pm

Coffee Break

5:30 pm

Session 2

Convener: Amy Weinbaum (Colorado Psychoanalytic Forum)

Wilfried Ver Ecke (Washington DC Forum- Georgetown University), “The Unconsciously Evocative Dimension of Language: Freud and Psychoanalysis On the Mysterious Ways Of Language”

Roger Green (Metropolitan State University), “Non-Ordinary States, Entheogens, and the Unconscious”

Mi’rajul Akbar (Islamic University of Indonesia), “Outwitting the Master : Towards Worker Cooperative Firm As A Metapsychological Praxis for Reflexive Critique Against Capitalism”

Nate Koser (Colorado Psychoanalytic Forum, “On the Ties That B(l)ind: Transference and the Unconscious”

Saturday October 22

9:00 am

Convener:  Carl Raschke (University of Denver)

Morning Seminar Part I: “Versions of the Unconscious” by Gabriel Lombardi (Rio de la Plata Forum & Universidad de Buenos Aires).

10:15 am

Coffee Break

10:30 am

Morning Seminar Part II: “Versions of the Unconscious” by Gabriel Lombardi (Rio de la Plata Forum & Universidad de Buenos Aires).

12:00 pm

Lunch Break

1:30 pm

Session 3 

Convener: Nora Gabbert (Colorado & DC Psychoanalytic Forums)

Gabriela Costardi (California & Colorado Forums), “How The Transmission of Psychoanalysis Affects The Social Link”

Larry Busk (University of Oregon), “Adorno’s Critique of Psychoanalysis, Then and Now”
Tad DeLay (Claremont Graduate School), “The Populist’s Discourse and the Resonance Machine”


Coffee break

Gilad Shavit (University of California, “”Moses and the Burning Bush: The Politics of Impotentiality in Freud and Agamben”

Gabriela Zorzutti (Colorado Forum and Clinical College of Colorado)

Sunday October 23rd

9:00 am

Convener:  Gabriela Zorzutti (Colorado Psychoanalytic Forum)

Morning Seminar Part I: “The Unconscious and Sexual Life” by Antonio Quinet (Rio du Janeiro Forum & Universidade du Rio du Janeiro).

10:15 am

Coffee Break

10:30 am

Morning Seminar Part II: “The Unconscious and Sexual Life”



1:30 pm

Session 4

Convener: Nate Koser (Colorado Forum )

Albert Morell (California Psychoanalytic Forum), “Remainder and the Real Unconscious: What Does Love Have To Do With It?”

Devra Simiu (Washington DC Psychoanalytic Forum), “Along the Royal Road: Encountering the Genius of the Linguistic Unconscious.”

Alan Richard (Realistic Living), “Freud’s Sociogenesis: Athens, Christ, and London at Enlightenment’s End”

2:30 Coffee break

Michael McAndrew (Eastern Mennonite University), “Psychoanalysis, Veterans, and the Problem of the Real: Or, On War and Enunciation”

Trevor Paderson (Central Wyoming Counseling Center), “Essence, Alienation, and the Economics of Libido”


"Religious Theory" is a special feature of the Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory (www.jcrt.org).