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George Batailles On Ethnographic Surrealism And “The Limits Of The Useful” – Review Essay (Matt Waggoner)

Georges Bataille, The Limit of the Useful. Translated and edited by Corey Austin Knudson and Tomas Elliott. Cambridge: The MIT Press, 2022. Hardback. 360 pages. ISBN 978-0-262-04733-3. The Accursed Share, one of the more enduring literary and philosophical projects undertaken by Georges Bataille, started a decade before its eventual 1949 publication as what he had […]

Philosophy of Religion

The Imagination In Spinoza – The Moral Good Between Prophecy And The Amor Dei Intellectualis, Part 2 (Caterina De Gaetano)

The following is the second of a two-part series. The first can be found here. The entire article appears in Issue 22.1 of the Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory. The Morality of the Bible Spinoza thus describes two different kinds of representative cognition. On the one hand a cognitio ex signis always remains inside the limits […]