Conferences and CFPs – Upcoming

Beyond Habermas?  Critical Theory, Political Theology, and Interreligious Dialogue  Call for Papers “Habermas’ postsecular perspective of socio-political integration has had a marked influence on the debate surrounding the place of religion in present-day democracies. However, as democracies are beset by “hyperpluralism” (Ferrara), interfaith challenges and a new wave of fundamentalist violence, Habermas´ vision of (non)religious […]

Ethics and Virtue Theory

Life As Art – Aesthetic Virtue and Moral Obligation

Virtue ethics has received much attention throughout the last decades. While some of the corresponding works are dealing with questions of aesthetics, there appear to be only very few discussions that devote themselves to what could be called aesthetic virtue. And yet aesthetic virtue might inspire ethical debates in more than one respect. First, when […]


Religious Theory – A New Review, Commentary, and Conversations Feature of JCRT

Religious Theory is the new commentary, review, and conversation blog for The Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory.  We plan to go live no later than the middle of February, 2016. If you are interested in doing a review or a commentary on trends, issues, or new publications please send us an email at  […]