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From Christology to Political Theology (Cyril Hovorun)

In the Christian Antiquity and later on during the Middle Ages, there was neither separation nor much distinction between the theological and the political matters. It was common that theological doctrines induced political philosophy and practice, and vice versa. Theological interpretations of the Incarnation as they developed during the Late Antiquity, had political extrapolations and […]

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Prayer After the Death of God, Part II (Ashley [Gay] Graham)

The following is the second part in a two-part installment. The first part can be found here. III. Prayer As Confession: Thinking in love This abandonment is not a permanent void; rather, it demonstrates the Eckhartian notion of leaving behind beings not because they are insufficient, but because they are allusions, traces, references to love.[1] […]


Call for Contributors – The Dialectic of Divine Presence and Absence

Since the philosopher Nietzsche announced the “death of God” over a century ago, the specter of divine absence has hovered over Western civilization. The importance of this theme has not been limited to atheists.  Since at least the 1960s, the “death of God” movement has captivated the imagination of theologians and philosophers alike, and as […]

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Prayer After The Death Of God, Part I (Ashley [Gay] Graham)

The following is the first part in a two-part installment. Metaphysics is onto-theo-logy. Someone who has experienced theology in his own roots, both the theology of the Christian faith and that of philosophy, would today rather remain silent when speaking in the realm of thinking. – Martin Heidegger, “The Onto-theo-logical Constitution of Metaphysics”[1] …if there […]