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The Sacred As Bordering Practice, Part 1 (Anna-Maria Edlinger)

The following is the first of a two-part series. It was originally published in issue 22.1 of the Journal for Cultural and Religious Studies. Introduction Today, nationality is still among the most important justifications of political rule. Many modern national states have been created through the application of the following two principles of international law, […]

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What Exactly Is Postmodernism, And How Did It Change The Landscape Of Religious Studies?, Part 2 (Carl Raschke)

This article is published in two installments. The first can be found here. III. Taylor’s typification of postmodernism as Flatland, however, as the quintessential Hegelian “bone”, did not sit well with the British participants in the Shadow of Spirit conference, who represented both the majority and in certain measure the intellectual heavy weights for the […]