Philosophical Theology

Speaking Of God’s Presence As Non-Contrastive Transcendent Distinction (Joyce Konigsburg)

To speak or not to speak of God is an important yet rather uncomfortable question that participants encounter during interreligious and interdisciplinary dialogue. Several Eastern religions, philosophers, and scientists claim God is either non–existent, absent, or “dead” in relation to the cosmos. Conversely, other faiths believe God’s absolute presence embraces everything. For Abrahamic traditions, God […]

Interfaith Conversations

Kenosis, Emancipation, Pastness – Reflections From A Jew, Part 2 (Sarah Pessin)

Emphasized in a temporalized modality, and bringing together elements of our phenomenological and political reflections above, we may specifically unpack the hegemony of White Christianity as a blow against pastness: Where pastness signals the facts and facticity of a fettered social and historical situation (with parameters imposed from outside, a need to escape those parameters […]