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Let’s Get Real About Race – Two Very Timely Upcoming Online Seminars (Announcement)

It’s time to get real when we talk these days about race and racism. Ever since the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis in the late spring of 2020 at the hands of police and the ensuing protests, mass calls for racial justice, and outbreaks of urban mayhem, much of the dominant public discourse has […]

Postcolonial Theory

Reframing The Adwa Victory As A Decolonizing Praxis – Discourse Around Colonization In The Ethiopian Context, Part 1 (Rode Molla)

The following is the first installment of a two-part series. White-Painted Ethiopia Bodies In 1896 Ethiopians defeated the Italian military and defended their border. That made Ethiopia the only black nation that defended its border in the era of colonization.[1] However, protecting their land/border was not enough for Ethiopians to be a free nation. Their […]