Critical Conversations – “On Decoloniality” With Walter Mignolo (Announcement)

An earlier version of this posting had the date listed as “December,” which would imply the webinar had already occurred. It is still scheduled for January, 12 2021.

When: Tuesday, January 12, 2021, 10 am Mountain Standard Time, 6 pm European time

How: Zoom. By Advance Registration. Please register at the following link: 

You must register in advance of the seminar, whereupon you will be automatically sent the actual Zoom participation link.



Moderator: Victor Taylor, Director of Graduate and Non-Traditional Programs and Professor of English and the Humanities, York College of Pennsylvania; Executive Editor, Whitestone Publications

A “critical conversation” between Victor E. Taylor with Walter Mignolo on his book co-authored with Catherine E. Walsh entitledOn Decoloniality: Concepts, Analytics, Praxis. As Mignolo observes, decoloniality is a way to fundamentally (re)situate and reconfigure how human beings are being “ruled.” Decolonizing-work is an examination and confrontation of power alongside and before coloniality—the material conditions for invasion and control. Decolonizing-work and decoloniality are also a way of imagining, a process of creatively shaping a world-future that holds the possibility of an existence radically unaligned with Western systems of epistemological, political, and theological hegemony. The decolonial imaginary gives us a perspective on these possibilities and the material conditions required to bring them more fully to life in the arts, literature, and politics.

Prof. Mignolo is a world-famous scholar who has been the key architect and ongoing inspiration for the current interdisciplinary, far-reaching movement in the humanities known as “decolonization” or “decoloniality.”   He is Professor Emeritus of the Humanities at Duke University.

NOTE: All Zoom seminars will be recorded and transcriptions published on Whitestone Publications websites. By participating in the seminar, you give your automatic consent to have your participation or comments published.

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