Metaphysics Psychoanalysis

Badiou, The Event, and Psychiatry, Part 1 (Vincenzo Di Nicola)

The following is the first part in a two-part installment. This article was originally published online in the blog of the American Philosophical Association, November 2017. I: Trauma and Event  Philosophy is either reckless or it is nothing. —Alain Badiou, Second Manifesto for Philosophy [1] Instead of being reckless, as Badiou demands of philosophy, by which […]

Metaphysics Philosophy

The One Is Not – On the Fate Of Unity in Post-Metaphysical Philosophy (Jussi Backman)

A Turkish translation of a version of this essay has been published as “Bir, bir şey değildir: post-metafizik düşüncede birlik ve çokluğun akıbeti,” trans. Mustafa Yalçınkaya, Sabah Ülkesi: Üç aylık kültür-sanat ve felsefe dergisi, no. 51, Nisan 2017, 16–19. Available online at, retrieved 27 April 2017. The themes of this essay are discussed in […]