“Notations” – Call for Contributors

951986_stock-photo-music-notes-on-old-paper-sheet-to-use-for-the-backgroundIn addition to reviews and commentaries, the new JCRT feature “religious theory” (, updated regularly, will publish in an ongoing sequence short analysis or reflections that respond to certain burning issues or questions of the day, or at least those issues or questions where there are hot coals or embers.  For more information, go to

Proposed contributions for the “Notations” section should be 300-500 words in length and emailed to  Longer contributions should be submitted as “commentary.”  If we receive more than one contribution in the same week, we will publish them together.

In submitting your contribution for “Notations”, please also include a short bio of no more than three sentences.

Below will be an ongoing list of issues or questions on which we would like to receive contributions.  We will add and enlarge this list as time goes by.   You may offer thoughts and comment on either part or all of the questions on a related topic.



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